Aquaculture Industry



Autonomous-Command and Remote-Control Technology
For Aquaculture & Offshore Fish Farm Workboats and Commercial Vessels

Available now, Sea Machines’ vessel intelligence systems install aboard existing or new-build workboats and support vessels to increase their productivity and predictability, while reducing their overall risk and operational costs.


The SM200 provides fully integrated, line-of-sight and remote-vessel control for collaborative vessel operations.


The SM300 is a vessel intelligence system providing “operator-in-the loop” autonomous command and control, plus direct remote-control operation via wireless belt pack. The SM300 integrates with existing vessel systems and sensors to manage pre-planned and dynamically charted missions.

Sea Machines adds the following capabilities to vessels:

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  • Autonomous command
  • Remote vessel control
  • Waypoint following and mission planning
  • Collaborative vessel operations
  • Autonomous survey grid execution
  • Remote payload control
  • Minimally manned and unmanned configurations
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance

Our products are purpose-built for vessels operating in the following sectors:
Sea Machines provides better control for the following operations:
  • Seafood and product handling: Workboats that transport and distribute live fish and feed, perform delousing treatments and perform all other fish handling tasks.
  • Infrastructure installation and deactivation: Workboats that provide towing and mooring support, marine anchoring and drilling, infrastructure construction and dredging.
  • Maintenance, support and transfer activities: Workboats using planned routes and repetitive patterns to haul feed, monitor operation sites, clean nets and dredge the sea beds beneath farms can now operate in an unmanned autonomous configuration or via remote control.
  • Crew transfers: The passenger boats that ferry crews from land to operational site benefit from obstacle avoidance, collaborative and remote operations and more.

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