Wireless Remote Helm Control

Industry Challenge

Some common marine workboat operations bring potential risk to crew. For sectors like marine spill response, firefighting, search-and-rescue and patrol, mariners often execute missions throughout poor conditions and may encounter smoke, heat, fumes and other dynamic hazards.

Our Solutions

We keep crew safe in unsafe environments

Augmenting conventional vessel control is Sea Machines’ wireless remote-helm control technology, which frees crew from the wheelhouse to conduct operations from a location on or off the vessel that offers the greatest visibility and safety. Systems like Sea Machines’ SM200 enable wireless helm and propulsion control, as well as remote control of auxiliaries and payload equipment. From a better vantage point, a remote operator can deliver a more precise, productive, timely or safe operation.


Class and regulator approved solutions

The U.S. Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping have tested and certified the SM200 for installation aboard a class of U.S.-flag tugboats that support articulated tug-barge (ATB) sets.