Government & Defense

Sea Machines is a leading provider of autonomous command and advanced perception systems for vessels undertaking government and defense missions.

Our Solutions

Sea Machines systems automate many of the manual tasks required aboard task-driven craft and support vessels, increasing productivity and predictability while mitigating human errors caused by fatigue, tedium and distraction. Autonomous systems also enable new on-water capabilities, especially with unmanned operations.

For larger government vessels, such as naval capital ships, Sea Machines provides advanced situational awareness for bridge operations. This technology provides crew with an improved understanding of the ship’s surrounding domain, traffic and obstacles using data from Sea Machines’ proprietary vision systems fused with conventional marine sensors data.

Solutions for the following Vessels

National security & defense vessels

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) vessels

Rescue & relief effort support boats

Data collection vessels

Environmental research boats

Patrol & security boats

Emergency response vessels

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