Sea Machines takes on the conventional, manual tasks required to navigate passenger vessels, increasing predictability and confidence in operations while mitigating the human fatigue and distraction that often contributes to on-water incidents.

Our Solutions

Most commercial passenger vessel voyages operate with repetitive mission, such as those of routine ferry services and crew boat transits. Our SM300 is always-on-watch, stays on track and performs collision or obstacle avoidance. Sea Machines’ SM200 wireless helm technology gives operators control of the vessel from outside the wheelhouse for a better vantage point for operations like docking or transferring personnel to offshore structures.

For large ship passenger vessels, like cruise ships and overnight ferries, Sea Machines provides advanced sensor-based situational awareness for optimal domain interpretation. This technology gives crew a more complete understanding of the operating domain, traffic and obstructions using Sea Machines’ proprietary computer vision and data from conventional marine sensors.

Solutions for the following Vessels

Crew transfer vessels



Wildlife cruise & tourism vessels

Cruise ships

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