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SM300 Autonomous Command & Control

An autonomous self-piloting system that is always-on-watch and enables off-boat remote command.

Full Situational Awareness

The SM300 provides operational domain awareness, telemetry and attitude to a remote commander via a chart-based user interface, tracked targets, video and warnings. These are generated by cameras, sensors and other equipment located on and off the vessel. On-board machinery, instrumentation and payload data also stream to the user interface.

SM300 Features

  • Situational awareness via ENC-based GUI, tracker targets, video and audio streams
  • Perception sensors RADAR, AIS, IMU, depth transducer and video cameras
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance with dynamic path planning
  • Remote communications using either via wireless IP radio, 4G cellular and satellite radios with fail-over functionality

Modernized Operations

Flexible vessel control from anywhere

The SM300 enables operators to remotely command and monitor multiple autonomous vessels from a shipboard or shore-based centre. This remote capability increases productivity, efficiency and capability by enabling reduced-crew or unmanned vessel configurations and increases health and safety by mitigating crew risk in dynamic, toxic or dangerous marine operations.

Crew comfort and cargo safety

To protect onboard cargo, payloads or onboard crew, the SM300 regulates vessel motions during missions and voyages. This Sea-Keeping Protection Mode autonomously reduces wave-induced slamming, heave or other motions, and keeps them below configurable limits.

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