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Why Selkie

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Since 2017, we have pioneered the frontier of autonomous technology, refining our expertise to engineer the pinnacle vessel equipped with the industry’s most trusted autonomy system: the SM300 Autonomous Command and Control.


Experience the most robust autonomy system, readily integrated on SELKIE.

Deployed in over 70+ vessels worldwide, the SM300 is the most trialed and tested autonomy system available, designed with ease of use in mind.

Autonomy Trusted By

Key Features

Manned and Unmanned Capable

SELKIE is capable of both conventional helm-pilot control and autonomous operation, providing unparalleled flexibility.

Resilient Build

The 7 meter HDPE hull is impact resistant and corrosion free.

Integrated Payload

SELKIE boasts a generous 2 x 1.3 m. weatherproof cargo hold with remotely commandable hatch.


SELKIE offers a range of up to 500 nautical miles and an endurance of up to 15 days.


SELKIE is equipped with an underwater universal flange for sonar or hydrophone, side pole mount locations, CTD winch, GNSS poles, ample electronic hardware space and conditioned power, and aerial antenna mounting.


Scale your operations with SELKIE's autonomous fleet capability, enabling seamless coordination and synchronization across multiple vehicles.

Hydrographic Survey

Search and Rescue

Wind Turbine Inspection

UXO Removal

Long Range Logistics

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Available Summer 2024

Who is SELKIE for?

SELKIE is a versatile multi-use platform that offers customizable solutions to meet your specific needs across various sectors of the maritime industry

Drop us a line at sales@sea-machines for a complimentary consultation on how SELKIE can cater to your specific requirements!

Is SELKIE available for charter?

Absolutely! SELKIE is available for both purchase and charter. Reach out to us for pricing details and availability at

How is SELKIE powered?

SELKIE is powered by a 12V battery with a capacity of 4.7 kWh, receiving 1.5 kWh from the engine alternator and 3.2 kWh from an auxiliary diesel generator.

Are there variations of SELKIE?

Stay tuned for future alterations of SELKIE, including the SELKIE 9, fully electric, and gasoline versions.

Can I change the engine?

Yes, you can. However, we advise adhering to our recommendations for optimal performance.

How is SELKIE delivered?

SELKIE is delivered in a convenient and secure manner, as it can be transported within a standard shipping container, ensuring ease of shipment and protection during transit.

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