Collision & Obstacle Avoidance

Industry Challenge

The commercial marine industry has an accident rate exceeding that of cars and airliners. Many on-water accidents result from inherent human limitations, such as fatigue, tedium and distraction, that cause loss of attention during long transits or confusion in a very open domain without apparent lanes. Tried-and-true technologies, such as marine radar and AIS data, offer supplemental support to a human operator, but they have limitations and require interpretion and mariner training.

Our Solutions

24/7 On-watch redundancy

Vessels enabled with Sea Machines autonomous technology benefit from the system’s dynamic obstacle avoidance capabilities, which operators can choose to activate during planned voyages or missions. This system never fatigues and consistently operates around the clock, even during times of low light or poor visibility. Sea Machines’ commercial systems’ intelligently fuse data from radar, GPS, AIS, electronic charts and computer vision into one intuitive display so mariners can make more timely and informed decisions.

Obstacle detection and collision avoidance

Sea Machines recognizes common marine obstacles – such as other watercraft, fixed structures, buoys, marine life and more – and will autonomously and safely reroute and/or modified speed of an operator’s vessel to maintain appropriate operational separation while considering applicable COLREG responses. Once passed, the system smoothly returns to the planned course. Our technology tracks multiple obstacles simultaneously, with a configurable tracking guard range. This avoidance safety feature can be disabled in advance or in the moment by an on-board or remote commander.