On Tuesday, February 4, Sea Machines’ CEO Michael G. Johnson will participate in the “Impact of Technology and AI in Shipping” panel during the Hellenic-American / Norwegian-American Chambers of Commerce’s 26th Annual Joint Shipping Conference, held at the Apella at Alexandria Center, in New York City. With an event theme of Shipping Beyond 2020: Adaptation and Innovation, Johnson’s commentary on intelligent marine technologies, such as Sea Machines’ advanced perception and autonomy, will help foster discussion among panel attendees about the opportunities and potential challenges facing the future of the marine industry.

Introductory remarks will be made by Dr.George Lentzas, of Springfield Capital Management, and co-panelists include Semiramis Assimakopoulou, The Signal Group; Alex Donger, Wine Dark Sea; and Tobias Gröger, StormGeo.