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Blog Meet Our Dealer: Technology Ventures Middle East Services

August 30, 2021

In this Meet Our Dealer series, Sea Machines introduces the builders and specialists that make up our global dealer network via Q&A-style interviews. Sea Machines dealers are strategic partners located around the world who are enabled to sell, install and service the company’s line of intelligent command and control systems for workboats. See the growing list of global dealers here.

In the exchange below, Technology Ventures Middle East Services’ Arun Sudarsan, division manager, describes why his company is partnering with Sea Machines, what they offer to customers seeking modern marine autonomy solutions, and more.

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Sea Machines: Describe your company and services.

Sudarsan: Founded in 2004, Technology Ventures provides integrated technology solutions in the areas of marine, automation and control instrumentation. Since our start, we’ve grown from four people to more than 70. We are proud to offer automation solutions to vessel owners. In my role, I head the division that is focused on this – the complete automation and power management of marine surface vessels.

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Sea Machines: What is unique about your company?

Sudarsan: Our company is unique because we are the only ones in the region that offers automation services like we do. We also help vessel owners interested in electrification – that is, to convert vessels from diesel to electric, another growing trend in the industry. We believe that innovation is critical in this industry. Without it, you will fall behind. We are not only innovative as a company, but also can help marine operators adopt innovative technologies that increase revenue, efficiency and safety.

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Sea Machines: Why is offering autonomous marine technology important?

Sudarsan: Autonomy gives marine operators an edge. In this market, most fleet owners want to reduce operational costs. Autonomy allows owners to remotely monitor vessels from shore or another boat, which can reduce the crew needed aboard. It also provides condition monitoring and increased safety due to collision avoidance. Across all sectors, but especially offshore environments, operational costs can be lowered significantly and fatigue is reduced. All of this combined represents major savings for operators.

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Sea Machines: Why did you choose to become one of our dealers?

Sudarsan: We have been partnered with Sea Machines for more than six years now and have attended the company’s training in Boston. It’s a very good partnership, and one that is unique in the Middle East. We don’t have any competitors that offer what we can with Sea Machines’ technology.

We are installing an SM300 on a survey vessel right now and the technology is very straightforward. It’s a plug-and-play system. It reduces headaches for all involved.

While we currently serve a large number of commercial marine customers, we’ll soon be expanding into the military sector, as well as military shipyards. In the future, we predict that all marine operators will be looking at automation. Vessels will monitor themselves and will use AI. Crews will have more information about the health of the vessel and each voyage. Failure rates and the number of accidents will go down. It’s an exciting time for the industry.

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