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News HubWeek Change Maker: Michael G. Johnson

September 17, 2019

Each week the HubWeek Change Maker series showcases the most innovative minds in art, science, and technology making an impact in Boston and around the world. This week, HubWeek focused on Sea Machines’ Change Maker Michael G. Johnson, founder and CEO. Click here to read the full story or scroll down to read a few of Johnson’s comments.

“We have an autonomous control system that manages the full control of a vessel based on commands from a human operator. Put simply, a human operator using a Sea Machines system can command a boat to go from ‘here to there and do this type of mission,’ and the autonomy system will manage the control, steering, speed, position, and heading of a vessel until it.”


“One of the things that makes us unique is we’re not only developing cutting-edge autonomous technology, we are already commercializing it as usable products.”


“An autonomous system that’s always tracking, always on watch, brings that predictability to your operations and reduces those human error-caused incidents and accidents.”


“It’s all about safety and predictability of operations, meaning you take out some of those human errors, but then also productivity is a big part. Advanced robotics and autonomous systems find real value in those areas of the three Ds: dangerous, dirty, and dull.”


“Right now, it’s about building technology that can perform as good as a great captain on water, and eventually we’ll move beyond that to building technology that’s better than the greatest captain on water.”