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WorkBoat magazine took a deep dive into the news that Sea Machines and Metal Shark have partnered on the introduction of a new 29-foot autonomous vessel, which is now commercially available through Metal Shark’s “Sharktech” autonomous division. The article, “Autonomous Technology Continues to Advance,” explores what this immediate availability means to the commercial marine industry, calling out that “autonomous vessels are certainly of interest to naval officials who have been looking for ways to keep personnel safer during drug interdiction operations and in war zones.” In truth, this vessel option is well-matched for municipality, county, or state agency operations, including patrol, security, environmental protection applications and more.

Sea Machines’ Don Black, vice president, sales and marketing, was interviewed for the piece, and said of the partnership:

“This relationship came about earnestly because Sea Machines and Metal Shark share the mutual goal of bringing advanced autonomous marine technology to the market now. One of the reasons Metal Shark chose to work with us was because we are one of the few companies that has autonomous marine systems commercially and readily available — meaning we have systems in stock, ready for installation on all types of workboats and a variety of commercial and government vessels now.”

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