Video: MARAD & MSRC Explain Value of Autonomous-Command, Remote-Control Spill-Response Vessels

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Last month, Sea Machines successfully demonstrated the capabilities of its SM300 system in action aboard a Kvichak Marco skimmer boat, owned by Marine Spill Response Corp. (MSRC), during events held along the harbor in Portland, Maine. This deployment of the world’s first autonomous spill-response vessel, conducted primarily for the Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD), proved Sea Machines’ ability to increase the safety, productivity and predictability of response for marine oil-spill operations. 

In the new video above, watch a short overview of the capabilities demonstrated in Portland and hear MARAD’s Richard Balzano, deputy administrator, and MSRC’s John Swift, vice president, share their take on the value of autonomous-command, remote-control technology for spill-response vessels. 

Comment highlights:

“Response timing is critical. The sooner we can get to a spill, the sooner we can corral it and control it, the less damage it will do. The technology we saw today is a clear example of how remote systems can help us be more efficient with that and respond quicker.” — Balzano

“The use of autonomy allows us to keep people off the water as much as possible, which is an increase in safety. And the other consideration for the technology is fatigue. There are going to be times when we have to do crew changes; if we can reduce those, that keeps people safer … We think that’s the kind of technology we need to improve our safety.” — Swift

“This is very important. This is the future of our industry. If our industry is going to be competitive and safer and evolve, it has to look at remote technologies.” — Balzano

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