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News The Maritime Executive: More than Meets the Eye

January 8, 2020

The Maritime Executive published an article this month focused on the marine industry’s exponential advances in autonomous operation, which author Sean M. Holt says are enhancing maritime safety, efficiency and sustainability. In the article, Holt also highlights Sea Machines’ systems for their ability to provide enhanced visibility to commercial marine operators. Of autonomy’s place in the marine industry, Holt writes:

“Intelligent solutions and vessel autonomy will not only change the face of international maritime transportation but will add unprecedented levels of safety, operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. Soon, highly sophisticated vessels will operate with limited-to-no human interface. Thanks to the incremental and exponential achievements made by technical leaders, we are now witnessing the rapid transformation from human to machine.”

Read the full article to learn why the author concludes this and what evidence he has to show that commercial-grade autonomous technologies are here now — and here to stay.