Sustainability & Social Care

Sea Machines isn’t just developing industry-changing technology, we are committed to responsible business. Sea Machines operates with engrained goals of zero impact to the natural environment and societal support through education and uplift.

Here are some of the ways that Sea Machines is fulfilling its purpose, while leaving a non-negative impact on the natural environment and positive impact on society.

Our business generates carbon emissions, mainly from corporate air travel and vessel operations. Calculations show our approximate contribution of 128.4 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in 2018. We aim to offset these emissions through the planting of new trees, as facilitated by Trees for the Future. This partnership allows Sea Machines to mitigate its own carbon footprint, revitalize environments and change people’s lives through the sustainable act of planting trees.

In 2018, Sea Machines supported the planting of 33,000 trees.

The company proudly supports the Sea Turtle Conservancy as part of our dedication to natural ocean environment conservation.

Sea Machines’ contributions further sea turtle research and conservation efforts.

Sea Machines believes in empowering the next generation of mariners and marine scientists. That’s why we support Boston University-accredited program SEA Semester, an Environmental Studies program focused on the ocean.

Our support helps to prepare future leaders focused on the domain that covers more than 70 percent of the planet.

As a Boston-based company, Sea Machines is committed to the local community. One way we show support is with funding to Bottom Line, a non-profit that helps under-served, first-generation students get into college and earn degrees.

Sea Machines is elevating local students to achieve higher-level educational opportunities.