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Webinars Sea Machines Webinar Series: Autonomy in the Classroom

October 12, 2020

Sea Machines is committed to educating the next generation of mariners about modern-day technologies that are starting to make the commercial marine industry safer and more capable, productive and predictable. With the goals of providing modern tools to educators and equipping students with skills that best prepare them for the future, Sea Machines now offering maritime academies its SM300 autonomous-command and remote-helm vessel control system for use in the classroom and on the water.

In this Sea Machines Webinar, the company’s Don Black, vice president, sales and marketing, talks with Maine Maritime Academy‘s (MMA) Capt. Jennifer Norwood, assistant professor, to discuss how the introduction of Sea Machines’ SM300 autonomous command and control systems in the classroom is giving students the chance to learn about the new, non-traditional roles that autonomy and remote systems are ushering in. Norwood also talks about how this advanced training for students also is making MMA more competitive and helping it better prepare students for long-term careers.


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