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Blog Sea Machines at MIT MOOS-DAWG Demonstration

August 3, 2017
Sea Machines brought the test vessel STEADFAST into the Charles River on Wednesday for presentation and demonstration at MIT’s MOOS-DAWG Conference. The STEADFAST was by many orders of magnitude the largest and most powerful autonomous vessel or machine at the event and she was demonstrated alongside other great AUV & USV technology from MIT, Bluefin Robotics, Riptide, Boston Dynamics, Ocean Server, AMS, and more. Each team received 15 mins of demo time and the Sea Machines’ STEADFAST was remote operated from the dockside user interface with data comms over a 5ghz radio link, running a some waypoints and a survey grid while collecting side scan imagery of the river bottom. It was a beautiful sunny day on the Charles and the STEADFAST maintained her composure while being limited to 8% of her top speed!