Visit Sea Machines in Stand V5 & W1

Sea Machines and The Maritime Alliance, along with several other BlueTech companies, will exhibit together at Stand V5 & W1 during Ocean Business, a hands-on ocean technology exhibition and training forum. Scheduled for April 9 through 11, in Southampton, UK, Ocean Business gives Sea Machines the chance to present show attendees with the latest about our autonomous-command and remote control products, which are available now for installation aboard commercial vessels, and discuss our larger role in helping to revolutionize the commercial marine industry. Visit us in Stand V5 & W1 to learn about how Sea Machines’ technology can make your commercial vessel fleets more productive, capable and predictable. If you’d like to schedule time with a member of the Sea Machines team during the event, contact us.

Sea Machines is a proud member of The Maritime Alliance, which has a mission of promoting BlueTech and Blue Jobs®