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Blog Re-Opening Invitation for Pilot Partners

August 5, 2017

This summer, Sea Machines has engaged commercial vessel operators in “real world” autonomous system trials. In these recent pilot trials, the company has installed the SM300 system on conventional 3rd party work boats, providing a quick upgrade from traditional to remote & autonomous operation. Trial customers are seeing the real value of autonomous control as operated in their specific on-water tasks and we receive the necessary feedback for continuous improvement. The trial system is installed as an “option”, meaning that full conventional control ability is retained with the newly installed autonomous control ready to engage or disengage at the flip of a switch. We are re-opening the opportunity to additional marine operators for Fall pilots. We will readily upgrade one of your workboats for trials in your specific field of operations be it offshore survey, seismic support, towing, emergency response, security, aquaculture or something else that we have not yet tried. Let’s discuss your operations: contact us.