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News Offshore Support Journal: The Value of Autonomy for OSVs

March 21, 2019

In a recent article about the rapid advancement of marine technology, the Offshore Support Journal talked to Sea Machines to learn how autonomy can add value to offshore support vessels (OSVs). In response to this topic, Sea Machines’ Michael Johnson, founder and CEO, said:

“The main reasons for autonomous technology are its ability to provide improved performance and productivity … Autonomous technology provides significant value in areas of routine operations. A large percentage of OSV work is routine, such as regular transits, tracking or loitering. I don’t see heavy cargo OSVs operating unmanned in the foreseeable future. What I do see is an autonomous system working on behalf of a captain, mate or helmsman to empower operations with vessel intelligence and to de-risk and elevate overall vessel performance.”

Johnson also added that he predicts the first applications for autonomous vessel technology will be in routine or dangerous tasks, such as long-duration data collection by survey vessel, or oil spill response activity.

Click here to read the full “Autonomous Vessels: Regulations Must Improve to Support Safe Roll-Out” article, as well as commentary by others in the industry.

Caption: Sea Machines and Boston Harbor Cruises are collaborating in data collection and system testing aboard offshore support vessels. (Shown: Boston Harbor Cruises’ Scarlett Isabella)