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Nanalyze featured Sea Machines and other leading developers of autonomous marine technologies in a recent story about intelligent vessels, highlighting the fact that autonomous boats are coming online faster than autonomous vehicles are hitting the roads. With 90 percent of the world’s trade carried by ships and vessels, global economies are reliant on ocean commerce. The story reported: “In 2016, the U.S. maritime transportation system carried $1.5 trillion of cargo through U.S. seaports to and from international trading partners.” Autonomous vessel technologies and artificial intelligence will help companies avoid collisions at sea, save fuel, increase tonnage by optimizing navigational routes. Further, Nanalyze predicts that intelligent vessels will become another cog in the “economic machine for smart cities where canals and waterways are part of the transportation infrastructure … Such robotic ships might help reduce vehicle traffic, with the capability of operating 24/7.”

In closing, the author wrote: “The world’s biggest shipping companies are very interested in automation. It’s less about taking jobs away from humans … and more about squeezing the most value out of every drop of diesel fuel by navigating more precisely (and safely) than a human can.”

Click here to read the full article, which includes an Autonomous Boats for Work section focused on Sea Machines’ progress.

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