Meet Our Dealer: Can Trader & Services

In this Meet Our Dealer series, Sea Machines introduces the builders and specialists that make up our global dealer network via Q&A-style interviews. Sea Machines dealers are strategic partners located around the world who are enabled to sell, install and service the company’s line of intelligent command and control systems for workboats. See the growing list of global dealers here.

In the exchange below, Can Trader & Services’ Ding Liang Lim, vice president of sales, describes why his company is partnering with Sea Machines, what they offer to customers seeking modern marine autonomy solutions, and more.

Sea Machines: Describe your company and services.

Lim: Since its inception in 1981, Can Trader & Services has grown into on a leading marine electronics company in Southeast Asia. We specialize in the marine communication and navigation systems and equipment, including satellite broadband, satellite TV antennas, fleet tracking, electronic fuel management systems, marine autonomy solutions and CCTV systems.

We have a team of well-versed and highly experienced sales and project personnel to design and integrate marine communication and navigation systems for new shipbuilding projects, from initial conception to the final commissioning, as a one-stop solution system integrator. In addition, we have an in-house logistics team that facilitates the supply chain, an in-house service team that facilitates the installations, and a technical team to render assistance in the event of technical complication that make us a truly one-stop provider. As a part of our integrated solutions offering, our affiliated company Can Marine Systems Pte. Ltd. specializes in special projects and distribution of satellite equipment and the provision of airtime services. Another one of our affiliated companies, Sakana Electronics & Services, is authorized to carry out safety radio surveys on behalf of major Classification Societies, including the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Buena Veritas (BV), DNV, GL, KR, LR, NK and RINA.

Sea Machines: What is unique about your company?

Lim: Our people! We hire and retain talent by those coming from of various backgrounds and cultures, maximizing their strengths to add value to our business and achieve goals. It is our mission to provide the best package to our customers at all times, and also to protect the company’s interest. Therefore, our people are our strength and that is what makes us unique.

Sea Machines: Why is offering autonomous marine technology important?

Lim: Marine autonomy is definitely a game changer in the industry. The applications for this are limitless, where a vessel owner can create new operations plans with the technology to facilitate a business advantage. Innovation in business is the key strategy for survival. We used to have DVDs to watch a movie, but we all use Netflix, with the application built into our smart TVs. It’s about doing the same things in new ways, where the user experience always leads to success.

Sea Machines: Why did you choose to become one of our dealers?

Lim: We see Sea Machines as the forerunner of the autonomy solution, and an extension of our company’s business, one that integrates with our existing navigation solutions. Most importantly, we want to deliver solutions that create values for our clients. We see Sea Machines as part of the value creation for shipowners in our region.

Caption, above: Phil Bourque, director, business development, and Tommy Tan, business development manager, and Ding Liang Lim, vice president of sales, of Can Traders & Services.
Top photo: The Can Traders & Services team.

To learn more about Can Trader & Services, click here or contact the company at +65-6841-8338.