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News Maritime Reporter: Unmanned Future?

April 15, 2019

Sea Machines’ autonomous marine technology was the subject of focus in this month’s Maritime Reporter & Engineering News magazine. View the issue online to read the following stories:

  • Ships, Humans and Technology editorial (page 6) and
  • Autonomous Shipping Thought Leadership “Unmanned Future?” article (pages 28 – 37), which pronounces the time for marine autonomy is now, but it isn’t necessarily unmanned. This story includes several comments by Sea Machines’ CEO Michael G. Johnson, such as:

“In our look back at major transitions that are based on products that give significant returns on capital, it will take approximately 20 years for the ‘future ship’ to be adopted by 70% of the industry. As example, consider the time it took the unmanned engine room to be adopted by a majority of the industry.”

Read the full story here.