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In its November 2018 “Work‘bots’: Autonomous Vessels Arrive,” article, Marine Link informs readers of the realities of autonomous workboats, which are already being developed for and deployed across the commercial marine industry. The article showcases several examples of such boats already in action, including Sea Machines’ autonomous-command, remote-control operation of a TUCO Marine fireboat as part of a demonstration in Korsør, Denmark, and the company’s partnership with Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) to operate a collaborative, autonomous spill-response vessel

Marine Link also tackles regulatory considerations and explores how autonomous technology will impact mariners. Addressing this final point, Sea Machines’ Founder and CEO Michael Johnson said:

“Autonomous is not synonymous with unmanned. While [other companies] are projecting about the unmanned ships of the future, we see it somewhat differently and foresee a world where autonomous control increases the capability, safety, and productivity of manned ships.”

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