Situational awareness from intelligent vessel systems can enable enhanced safety and decision-making for mariners. As the foundation for these intelligent systems, advanced perception technology requires sufficient real-world operational data to leverage recent AI technologies.

In this work, which was introduced at the 2022 CVPR show, Sea Machines introduces the Sea Situational Awareness (SeaSAW) dataset – a novel dataset that comprises 1.9 million images with 14.6 million objects associated with 20.4 million attributes from 12 object classes. This makes SeaSAW the largest maritime dataset for object detection, fine-grained classification and tracking.

Furthermore, this dataset is gathered via nine sources, in combination with various RGB cameras mounted on moving vessels operating in different geographic locations globally. These vessels each had variations in scenario, weather and illumination conditions. This incredible work curates this data collected over the span of four years, with rigorous data selection, annotation, management and analysis to enhance the marine perception technology.