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“Chances are, before we have automated cars, we’ll have fully automated ships,” predicts The Boston Globe, in a recent article about the impact new technology is having on the commercial marine industry. Though historically slow to adopt transformative technology and other forms of innovation, this Goliath sector is starting to pick up the pace, says the publication. With the emergence of Sea Machines’ intelligent autonomous-command and remote-control products, and other technologies, change is coming in the form of modernizing bluetech. And it’s coming fast.

The story also notes that much of this innovation is coming out of Boston: “The question is not if maritime technology can improve the world. Nor is it a question of when innovative bluetech companies will make money, because they already are. The question is where the maritime tech hub will establish itself. And there’s a strong case that it could be in Boston.”

As a Boston-based, leading bluetech innovator, Sea Machines couldn’t agree more. Click here to read the full article.

Photo credit: The Boston Globe