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With a mission of saving lives and protecting property, the marine emergency response sector has enormous responsibility. Sea conditions and environmental hazards can be extremely dangerous to firefighters and search-and-rescue (SAR) personnel, and can hinder responses. 

Owners and operators of such response vessels to consider the benefits of installing intelligent marine technology aboard their fleets to mitigate these challenges. Our autonomous-command and remote-helm control systems can be retrofitted aboard existing vessels to reduce risk on the water, while increasing operational productivity, predictability and efficiency.

Sea Machines Solutions

Installing our systems aboard response workboats enables:

  • Faster, more responsive missions
  • Safer mission execution using remote-helm and on-shore operation
  • Force multiplier effect using collaborative autonomy
  • Reduced risk with obstacle detection and collision avoidance

Autonomy for Repetitive, Predictable Patterns

Watch to learn how Sea Machines takes over execution of repetitive, predictable vessel routes, allowing on-board crew to focus on higher level tasks.

Remote-Helm Control for Safety & Operational Flexibility

Watch to learn how remote-helm control can remove crew from hazardous situations and enables operational flexibility.

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