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Blog Analyzing Diverse Visual Data To Deliver Safe Autonomous Boats

May 22, 2019

LDV Capital interviewed Sea Machines’ Fiona Hua, lead perception research scientist, about her work in developing autonomous marine technology. In the article, “Analyzing Diverse Visual Data To Deliver Safe Autonomous Boats,” Hua describes the benefits and challenges of such revolutionary technology, and what it means for the future of the commercial marine industry. About the technology and company’s contributions, she said:

“Adding cameras, like wide dynamic range HD cameras and thermal cameras, is a very welcome thing for the captain/driver since they may ‘see’ more from cameras, which is especially a huge convenience for big container ships. Adding LiDar is not a big cost when safety is the big concern for commercial vessels. All these sensor data are great resources that ultimately could make vessels safer, more efficient, and less expensive.”
“Sea Machines’ vision, the autonomy and the combination of other new technologies could eventually lead the maritime industry into a new generation with smart, safer, efficient vessels.”

Read the full summary of LDV’s conversation with Hua online here.

Hua is scheduled to speak during this week’s LDV Vision Summit, in New York City, about the challenges, opportunities and vision of leveraging perception to deliver maritime autonomy.