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3 In-House Test Vessels
4 Pilot Programs (2018)
880 Operational Hours Completed
20   Million Global Vessel Count


Sea Machines builds Autonomous Control & Remote Command Systems to upgrade the operation of existing or new build marine vessels.  Our technology can be used for unmanned piloting of vessels to improve productivity and efficiency as well as safe operations in hazardous environments.


Sea Machines’ Autonomous Control System for work boats uses common vessel-based instruments and proprietary algorithms to give the watercraft a degree of self-awareness, enabling the boat to efficiently self-motor from point-to-point while avoiding active & passive obstacles or collaborate in tandem with another vessel.  The system links to all on-board propulsion, steering, and thrust machinery for active vessel control as well as necessary instruments and sensors.  A remote user interface is provided for command and control as well as data reception from the autonomous vessel.

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Sea Machines’ proprietary industrial control architecture that is specially-developed with robustness and reliability, absolutes for hard-working vessels.  Standardized with pilot-ready navigation and common task algorithms.  With built-in middleware to accept 3rd party software plug ins for payload control and data collection.


Sea Machines is launching a series of industrial grade systems to enable remote & autonomous operations of commercial vessels.



Autonomous & Remote Control for Workboats

Retrofit or OEM Install
Price: $98,500



Ship-to-Shore Data System


SEA MACHINES Remote Onboard

SEA MACHINES Remote Onboard


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Sea Machines Robotics is a forward looking autonomous technology company that specializes in advanced control technology for work boats and other commercial surface vessels. Based in Boston and operating globally, the company is driven by a crew of mariners, engineers, coders, and autonomy scientists.

Michael G. Johnson headshot

Michael G. Johnson

Founder | CEO
Jim Daly

Jim Daly

Mike Cammack

Mike Cammack

Director of Business & Finance
Chris Sotzing

Chris Sotzing, PhD

Director of Engineering
Philip Bourque

Philip Bourque

Director of Business Development
Mohamed Saad Ibn Seddik

Mohamed Saad Ibn Seddik, PhD

Autonomy Scientist
Marty Cosgrove

Marty Cosgrove

Sr. Software Engineer
Peter Holm

Peter Holm

European Director

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