Sea Machines builds Autonomous Control & Remote Command Systems to enhance the operation of existing or new build marine vessels.

Our technology improves boating safety when deployed as an autonomous "overwatch" system on manned vessels. And also enables unmanned piloting of vessels to improve productivity and efficiency as well as safe operations in hazardous environments.
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Sea Machines' Remote Command System, called RC NXT, provides PLC-based wireless control of a vessel and is well suited for day-vessel operations such as work boats, tugs, and launches operating within 1000m of the pilot.

Sea Machines' Autonomous Navigation System, called DP NXT, uses vessel-based sensors and proprietary algorithms to give the watercraft a degree of self-awareness, enabling her to efficiently self-motor from point-to-point while avoiding active & passive obstacles or collaborate in tandem with another vessel.
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Collaborative Following
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Planned Survey Tracking
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Planned Waypoint Following
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Collision Avoidance/
Path Re-Routing
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Dynamic Waypoint Re-Routing
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Station Keeping
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Sea Machines Robotics provides technology which safely replaces human crews with unmanned systems. The Autonomous Control Systems and Unmanned Workboats provide the ability to perform repetitive and quantifiable marine tasks more reliably when compared to direct human control, therefore improving the quality of operations.

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Sea Machine V1

Dimensions: 20’ L x 8’ W
Power: 107 - 214 hp
Payload: 1.000 lbs
Max. Speed: 9 kts
Range: 15 - 30 days
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Sea Machine V2

Dimensions: 32.5’ L x 12.5’ W
Power: 476 hp
Payload: 6.000 lbs
Max. Speed: 24 kts
Range: 4 - 8 days


Founded in 2014, Sea Machines Robotics is a forward-looking autonomous technology company which develops advanced control systems for boats and ships and specialized unmanned surface vessels that increase operational safety, efficiency, and productivity on the water. Sea Machines systems can be applied across most maritime industries.

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Michael G. Johnson
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David Fieuw
Chief Engineer
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Mike Cammack
Director of Operations
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Jeff Bartkowski
Director of Sales & Marketing

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Peter Holm
European Director
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Frank Marino
Mechatronics Engineer
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Alex Robbins
Software Developer


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July 2016

Sea Machines Robotics' autonomous vessel technology featured in Boston Globe newspaper on July 29, 2015.

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October 2015

Jeffrey Bartkowski, Alex Lorman & Michael Johnson, SEA MACHINES, look at how to improve the safety and efficiency of spill recovery and other operations.

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September 2015

U.S.-based Sea Machines is developing unmanned work boats for the maritime and offshore industries which it says will take the future of autonomous shipping forward one step at a time.

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August 2015

Sea Machines and Founder Michael Gordon Johnson appears in issue of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News Magazine.



Boston Harbor Shipyard
256 Marginal St.
Boston, MA 02128


Please contact us via phone +1-617-455-6266 or email

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