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Today’s Forsvarets Materiel Indkøb (FMI) Industridag (Industry Day) 2019 event, hosted by the Ministry of Defense Material and Purchasing Agency, in Ballerup, Denmark, brought together Danish government purchasers and commercial developers of equipment for the nation’s armed forces. As a developer of autonomous-control and advanced-perception marine systems for both government and commercial vessels, Sea Machines hosted a booth and networked with government purchasing agents and other product developers during the event.  Our presence helped to generat new interest in Sea Machines technology across Denmark’s government sector, as the demand for more sophisticated marine technology grows internationally. 

FMI Industridag has expanded significantly in the number of participating companies and visitors over the last few years, and is now Denmark’s largest exhibition of equipment from the defense industry.

Opening remarks for FMI Industry Day 2019 in Demark

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