Blog Meet Our Dealer: Vision Marine

November 10, 2021

In this Meet Our Dealer series, Sea Machines introduces the builders and specialists that make up our global dealer network via Q&A-style interviews. Sea Machines dealers are strategic partners located around the world who are enabled to sell, install and service the company’s line of intelligent command and control systems for workboats. See the growing list of global dealers here.

In the exchange below, Vision Marine’s Leandro Meireles, sales consultant, describes why his company is partnering with Sea Machines, what they offer to customers seeking modern marine autonomy solutions, and more.

Sea Machines: Describe your company and services.

Meireles: Vision Marine is a diversified sales, service and training company based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, focusing on the navigation systems, automation, propulsion and marine electronics for the military, merchant marine and offshore markets. We have experience in sales, installation, commissioning, repair, maintenance and training for a wide range of products, from the bridge to the hull, including Sea Machines’ autonomy, GPS, DP, echo sounders, ECDIS, satellite, waterjet propulsion and more.

The Vision Marine team

Sea Machines: What is unique about your company?

Meireles: We are unique in that we are one of the only provider in Brazil for many of these solutions (sales, service and training). We currently are supporting government and commercial clients, and a fleet of dive support vessels that will soon be incorporating autonomy into operations. We have partnerships with nearly all the representatives of the system and equipment manufacturers, which makes us a one-stop shop for vessel needs.


Sea Machines: Why is offering autonomous marine technology important?

Meireles: By 2050, nearly all vessels will be fully autonomous. Those who adapt first will see the largest gains. The two main differences will be that vessels will require smaller on-board crew in the future, meaning less people will be at risk at sea. New supporting positions will be created on shore, where mariners can be more productive.  The second benefit is related to collisions. The number of preventable accidents will be reduced, making our industry as a whole more cost-competitive and safer. For clients who execute patrol operations, like Federal police, autonomy enables boats to operate unmanned, like a drone. Without putting people in harm’s way, these customers can conduct surveillance, defense and other missions efficiently.


Sea Machines: Why did you choose to become one of our dealers?

Meireles: We were introduced to Sea Machines through HamiltonJet. We knew we wanted to offer autonomy to our customers; it is the right direction for our company. Sea Machines is the leading provider of autonomous systems and one of the best companies we could have aligned with. There are many synergies between our companies, as we are both forward-looking. We look forward to supporting the sales and installation of Sea Machines products aboard workboats and other vessels.

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