Webinar: Autonomy for Cargo Vessels

Featuring First Harvest Navigation

Marine transportation company First Harvest Navigation recently upgraded vessel operations with a Sea Machines Robotics’ autonomous command and remote-helm control system installed aboard its Captain Ben Moore hybrid cargo vessel, which operates in the Long Island Sound. The vessel is now the first hybrid cargo vessel in the U.S. to feature remote crew-assist technology and to generate zero emissions. The efficiencies gained from autonomy enable the carbon-neutral vessel to complete terminal-to-terminal voyages in less than 45 minutes versus nine hours (round trip) by truck.

In this free webinar, First Harvest Navigation’s President Bob Kunkel and Sea Machines’ Phil Bourque, director of business development, will discuss the benefits of and considerations for autonomous-command and wireless remote-helm control systems aboard commercial vessels. A Q&A session will follow. Register via the form below.

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