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Sea Machines uses Biofuel to Power Tug Nellie Bly on Long-Haul Autonomous Journey

(Copenhagen, Denmark; October 14, 2021) – To reduce the number of harmful emissions produced as it achieves the world record for the longest autonomous mission at sea, Sea Machines Robotics, a leading developer of autonomous command and advanced perception systems, is utilizing renewable Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) biofuel, sourced by Bunker One in Denmark, to power its autonomous Nellie Bly tugboat. Operating under the project name The Machine Odyssey, this vessel is approaching the final leg of its 1,020 NM total mission, which began in Germany and made stops in Denmark before starting the return loop.

Sponsor Interview: StormGeo, Blue Water Shipping & Bunker One

Blog highlight: In a challenging industry like ours, missions go smoothly when you select the right partners and collaborate. Get to know our partners, The Machine Odyssey sponsors, who are providing reliable navigational data, port assistance and green biofuel.

In this Q&A, Sea Machines interviews StormGeoBlue Water Shipping, and Bunker One, about their decisions to support The Machine Odyssey and how their services support our mission and the next generation of autonomous operations.

Project Update: The Machine Odyssey Announces a New Route

To avoid program delays from highly active North Sea weather systems impacting the Danish West Coast this week and next, Sea Machines has altered the completion route of The Machine Odyssey to remain along the Eastern Coast.

No longer transiting the western cities, the modified route has included new stops in Aalborg; Frederecia; and Laboe, Germany; where the vessel will next transit the nearby Kiel Canal to arrive at its final destination in Hamburg on Friday, October 15. The total distance is slated to be 1,020 NM upon arrival in Hamburg, which surpasses the original 1,000 autonomous NM goal of the project.

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