Control Room

Insight from our crew, who are managing The Machine Odyssey voyage from locations around the world.

Captain Steve Turano

Role: Project manager 

As the project manager for The Machine Odyssey and former member of the U.S. Coast Guard, Captain Steve Turano shares his perspective on the importance of this mission; why Sea Machines selected a displacement vessel, the tugboat Nellie Bly, for the project; and what is significant about the destinations along the way.

Captain Turano will support the voyage from Germany and Denmark.

Captain Lauren Lamm

Role: Remote commander 

A licensed commercial mariner, Captain Lauren Lamm is the “voice of the customer” for Sea Machines, offering real-world insight that aids in technology development. In this video, she describes the significance of Nellie Bly’s autonomous voyage around Denmark and what it means to the larger industry.

Captain Lamm will remotely command and control Nellie Bly from Sea Machines’ Boston headquarters.

Mikayla Cohen, D.C.Sc.

Role: Dashboard developer 

Mikayla Cohen is a senior software architect for Sea Machines and developed the dashboard that allows viewers to follow the Nellie Bly’s journey along its voyage. In this video interview, how this type of data and remote-command capability is advancing the industry, as well as what communications fail-safes are in place for the trip.

Mikayla will support The Machine Odyssey from Sea Machines’ Boston headquarters.

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