Marine Spill Response & Recovery Industry



Autonomous-Command and Remote-Control Technology
For Marine-Spill Response and Pollution-Recovery Vessels

Available now, Sea Machines’ vessel intelligence systems install aboard existing or new-build workboats and support vessels to increase their productivity and predictability, while reducing their overall risk and operational costs.

Sea Machines technology can be applied to vessels for support in:
  • Prevention of spills: Autonomous marine systems provide real-time data and alerts that can prevent collisions, groundings and incidents.
  • Preparedness: With Sea Machines, terminals can deploy shore-based autonomous vessels faster.
  • Response: Unmanned vessels can be operated via remote-control technology, and sent to an incident site to survey the spill size and spread, toxicity, currents and more. This safety measure removes crew from known carcinogenic environments.
  • Recovery: Oil-collecting larger vessels make good hosts for autonomous daughter craft, which can be remote-controlled to tow boom; can operate 24/7, without breaks; and can be paired with complimentary technologies for a positive multiplier effect.
  • Post-event analysis: Spill operations data is recorded and saved. Lessons learned from these data are invaluable to future spill prevention and recoveries.
Our products are already in use in the following sectors:
Our SM300 and SM200 products add the following capabilities to spill-response and pollution control vessels:

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  • Autonomous command
  • Remote vessel control
  • Waypoint following and mission planning
  • Collaborative vessel operations
  • Autonomous survey grid execution
  • Remote payload control
  • Minimally manned and unmanned configurations
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance

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