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Maritime Kulturdage 2018

Sea Machines Events

Sea Machines and partner TUCO Marine Group, of Denmark, will demonstrate the capabilities of TUCO’s SM300-equipped ProZero workboat on August 24, at the Maritime Kulturdage event, in …

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Nor-Fishing 2018

Sea Machines Events

From August 21 through 24, 2018, Sea Machines’ Peter Holm, European director, will attend the Nor-Fishing event, in Trondheim, Norway. Since 1960, Nor-Fishing has been …

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Multi-Agency Craft Conference 2018

Sea Machines Events

On July 18 and 19, 2018, Sea Machines’ Phil Bourque, director of business development, will attend the Multi-Agency Craft Conference 2018, in Baltimore, MD. This event …