Watch: LISA Community Panel Brings Together Sea Machines & SeaZip Offshore Service

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How intelligent and autonomous self-piloting technology assist crews in preventing against fatigue and collisions during transits

Fri, March 19
5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. EDT

Understanding the additional, economical, benefit of automating the bridge of a CTV vessel on top of the increased safety by adding an additional set of eyes that are 24/7 on watch. Turning the operator to a supervisor. Autonomous marine systems offer obstacle detection and collision avoidance capabilities that keep people and assets safe and out of harm’s way. These advanced technologies are much more reliable and accurate than the human eye, especially in times of low light, fatigue or in poor sea conditions. Host Frank Relou, European business development manager for Sea Machines, will facilitate a talk with Harm Mulder from SeaZip Offshore Service who will share their vision on this.

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