Regional Sales Manager, aka: Globetrotter and future autonomous yacht owner

Fiona Hua, PhD

Lead Perception Scientist

Charlie Cady

Director of Field Operations

David Northup

Director of Product Management

Alex Venetiou

Director of Engineering

Vanya Banjac

Director of Marketing

Phil Bourque

Business Development & Sales Director, U.S. Government

Sharyn Visconti

Director of Finance

Peter Holm

European Director

Mikayla Cohen, D.C.Sc.

Senior Software Architect

Jin Zhiying

Senior Director of Software Engineering

Jamie Lapensee

Senior Director of People

Moran David

Chief Commercial Officer

Jim Daly

Chief Operating Officer

Michael G. Johnson

Founder and CEO

Business development and sales director, aka: Industry trailblazer

Rear Admiral Mary E. Landry

Director at Norwegian Cruise Lines Holdings, LTD. Retired rear admiral U.S. Coast Guard.

Denise Kurtulus

Vice president of global marine business, Rolls Royce-MTU

Kathy Haines
Kathy Haines

Independent director of Genco Shipping & Trading Limited and principal of Holbridge Capital Advisors, among other leadership positions

Rear Admiral Mark H. Buzby

Administrator of the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) from 2017-2020. Retired rear admiral U.S. Navy.